'Au Cent Neuf' is now closed for good and no longer taking bookings.
'Au Cent Neuf' est maintenant fermé définitivement et ne prend plus de réservations.

STAY AT 'au CENT NEUF' ... you will love discovering the beauty of the Auvergne.

The dramatic volcanic mountains of the Auvergne erupted into existence forty million years ago.

The lava outbursts created fabulous lakes and mountains with stunning panoramic views.

The fiercely independent Celtic tribes of the Gaulistic area are famed for courageously resisting the roman conqueror Julius Caesar.

The Auvergne is truly a land of contrast and offers something special for both naturalists and historians with windswept plateaus, crater lakes, gorges and exceptional flora. The Auvergne is nature in all her glory.

The beneficial effects of the areas thermal springs have been common knowledge since roman times. And on the route of the famed pilgrimage path of the 'Santiaga de Compostela', at Le Puy-en-Velay is what is said to be one of the most extraordinary churches in the whole of France.

From eagle owls to atlantic salmon, from waterfalls to lava dams, from Romanesque churches to medieval villages, this is a truly unique land.

Stay at 'au Cent Neuf' because you will love
discovering the history of the Auvergne.
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